Sunday, September 1, 2013

Curveballs: Three Weeks In

Charlie was in good spirits today, it seemed. I was planning on doing a few rounds of ten leg lifts/kicks with him, but he did 3 rounds of ten on his own, and then a round of 20. I think he may have been doing another round of 10 w/bird when I left, even.

Did some flash cards (which is both heartbreaking to be using toddler-age flashcards w/my 48-yr-old partner, but also encouraging when he gets them)... made up a bunch of my own that I think will be more useful in the day-to-day. Stuff like water, thirsty, hungry, in/out, hot/cold, various names, some numbers, me/we/I/you, house, room, bath, etc.

Some he got right off with no prompting at all (hungry and Ajakx)... but then he'd look at "house" and say "hungry" instead. Right start, at least. Funny story along that lines... he wanted something from the table, but I wasn't sure what it was... out of the blue he goes "Fuck." I said I doubt the nurses would approve of that. Eventually came around that he wanted the phone... again, right start phonetically, wrong finish.

Took a ride down to the park for a bit. Or more like I pushed up to the park. Going back...downhill...should be interesting. Anyone know where wheelchair brakes are located?