Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Done Gone Crazy

Two posts in two days? Absolute insanity. Of course, the fact that it's been rainy and gross of late....meaning no outdoors time....helps. This, while kind of pretty in it's own way, has been the scene here for too long now.

(Looking up the driveway towards home)
Grey Days

I shouldn't complain (but I'm going to, because I can) since it's been one of the mildest winters that I can recall, temperature-wise,'s still been grey. And more grey. And more grey.

I'm ready for sunshine.

We keep getting teased by a day here or there that is absolutely gorgeous...and then it's back to black. Like an Amy Winehouse song, minus the drugs and drink. Okay, sometimes with those as well. Whatever gets you through, ya know? (don't judge me)

Anyhoooooo...yeah. Bad weather means more time spent indoors and online...and more time staying busy in the studio!

See? Another new painting from yesterday!
Yesterday's piece

Things that help lighten my mid-winter bleghness? Care packages from overseas friends like  full of kooky goodness. You know, care packages that contain things like vintage dolls from the early 1900's and cross-stitch patterns full of swear words and antique rectal dilators made of Bake-Lite!
Antique Rectal Dilators

Because, you know, no home is truly complete without a set of those. Trust me.

Other things that make the doldrums go away, or at least distract me from them, is our new outhouse. Or are future new outhouse, more accurately. We've got the ginormous hole dug for it....4ft down by 4ft by 4ft, through roots galore and rocks aplenty...we'll pour the concrete in a few days (once it stops raining) then it's time to start the construction.

We're going for wonky and askew.

Outhouse Inspiration

And yes, we have an outhouse....and yes, it's by choice. I won't go into the long ramble about why, but I'll just say we're doing more than our part for the environment. When I'm 80, I'll move to the flush-toilet....and flush it multiple times just to make up for years lost not flushing!

All right, that's enough of the insanity. Time to either grab my book or grab my paint brushes.