Friday, September 7, 2012

The Monthlies Came Early

Yup, somehow I managed to post here before a full month had passed. Wonders will never cease!

It's been somewhat of a whirlwind tour of Dayton, it feels like. As though we just got here... and already we're heading out next wednesday. Dayton itself has proven to be rather innocuous, shall we say. Very middle-of-the-road. Which, after Phoenix, is more than welcome.

There's really not a whole hell of a lot to report from here, even. A trip to Yellow Springs, a cute little berg about 30 minutes from here, full of galleries and bookstores and the like. And lots of patchouli. It reminded me a lot of Gainesville, Florida, actually.

Then a day-trip to Columbus last weekend for their monthly art crawl, which was *quite* fun, though I wish we'd gone later in the afternoon/evening, as it felt like things were just really getting busy as we were heading out. Maybe that was a good thing, as it was VERY crowded... getting there early allowed us to actually be in the shops without feeling all claustrophobic.

One of the best parts of the day was the chance to meet, in person, a fellow blogger.... even if it's only for a brief moment (sometimes literally a "Hi/Bye" deal) that's always a nice thing. We're all  connected on here, this weird online world we live in, and it's easy to forget that sometimes the physical interaction hasn't happened yet! I suppose that's one of the benefits of my job... I get to travel around, and have the oppurtunities to meet folks that live all over the place.

So, yeah, I got to say hey to Sharon, of fame!

She had some very nifty clown pieces up as one of the displays...
It did make me laugh a bit... one of the people I was there with, a somewhat impatient 20-something whom I should have just told to go on by himself (but that's another story) said, as we walked up to the window "Ooooh, those are creepy".... I had to laugh as I replied "yeah, that's the friend I've been looking for, actually!"
Anyhoo, on with the random photos you all knew were coming.

                                                                   What a Waste

                                                              Good advice

                                                           Puerile Graffiti

                                                         Urban Spellcasting....

For those who may be interested, we've (our employees and I) actually started a group on Facebook to share the images we come across over the course of our workdays. There will be some overlap with the things I post here (obviously) but there will be a lot of other fun stuff as well!
No new reviews this time around... working my way through The Dog Stars and Blue Magic, both of which I recommend, though neither of which I have finished yet.