Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Queue "Ride of the Valkyries"

Operation: "Kill the Bindweed" commenced today. Basically, I'm sacrificing about a 40ft by 15ft bed. Dug up the assorted plants I want to save ---mostly hostas, ferns, trillium, sedum and a few others-- and condensed them into 3 separate beds that are about 5 to 10 feet in size, then heavily "mulched" them with slate and other rocks. I think this will allow me to keep up with it in the beds themselves a lot easier, and as they're separated by a good expanse of lawn, I can mow between them and keep it in check. In theory. We'll see.

In other news.... Into the Woods. Hmn. Can't say as I hated it, but I didn't complain when it was over, either. I liked Little Red Riding Hood.  There's some feminism going on elsewhere, but some weird aspects to it. (Don't break your vows or you'll fall of a cliff, people.) As always, I kinda identified mostly with the witch.

Tonight is Reheat the Indian night. I made WAY too much last week, so we froze the leftovers... and of course now I'm thinking "but don't we need some dal to go with it??"  (short answer: No, we don't. There's plenty already. But I'm going to make some anyways.)

Got a library card today for the local branch, mostly for movies. Ok, entirely for movies, as I literally have several hundred yet-to-be-read books waiting on my own shelves. They actually have a pretty good variety there, for a small town library.... picked up Capote and Altered States. Bonus points for the fact that I can donate my old movies to them! For a while there, I was just buying them at the junk ...errrr, I mean "antique"  store for a dollar, as that was cheaper than getting them from Redbox, and we're not really ones to rewatch most movies.