Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why Yes, I Do Suck

At keeping up with blogs. It's 100% true.

I'm not even going to go into all the details about what's happened since September, which is when I last updated... I'll just do the Quickie Bullet Points Update.

  1. Worked Cleveland, which I totally dug. (I think that's where I was at my last update.)
  2. Fled Cleveland just as winter set in, and came home for Thanksgiving.
  3. Fled Tennessee just as winter set in, and headed to Florida.
  4. Enjoyed a month of sunshine and warmth down south, then headed back to Tennessee for the holidaze.
  5. Made the decision to no longer travel for work, and am now going to be home full-time, except for trips that *I* want to take.
  6. Caught the H3N2 flu, got laid up in bed for 2 weeks... THEN had the pleasure of it morphing into pneumonia, which I'm still dealing with. I've managed to stay out of the hospital thusfar, but it's been tiring.
So, yup... that's the sum of it! Now that I'm home, I hope to keep up with the blogosphere a bit better.... for one thing, I hope to have things to share in said blogosphere. I haven't done anything art-related in almost six months, but just today I started getting the studio back to a functioning space again.

Finding unfinished projects, some of them upwards of two or three years old.
Ideas for paintings running through my head.
Ideas for dolls, as well.

Listening to new(ish) music (Cold Specks)... life is feeling pretty good right now, really, all things considered, pneumonia or no pneumonia. Of course, that could be me trying to distract myself from the fact that Charlie left for St Peterburg this morning, and I won't see him until he comes home in 2-3 weeks. I'm a little jealous that he's in Florida, where it's warm, and I'm home, where it's not warm... even though it's nice to be home. I have another doctor apointment tomorrow, and then a follow-up the next week, so I'm here, like it or not.

Oh yeah! We also built a new outhouse for ourselves! (well, by "we," I mean Charlie, Dashboard, and JB built it.... I supervised)

"Our downfall was, it was so beautiful. For us, who had replaced religion, family, society, ethics with Beauty, who saw ourselves as in the service of Beauty, no warnings were understood, no traps anticipated. To go down, in the service of That — that was the ultimate grace.”
(Diane di Prima)