Monday, March 30, 2015

Hapi-Hapi Progress

Haven't posted in a bit since we've been busting as on the construction.

The last week we got the roof on and 99% of the sheathing done, windows cut out, etc. Still a bit panicked about finances (under $2k left) but whatever. We'll get done what we get done. If the rest has to happen in stages over the coming seasons, so be it.

As of today wiring is 90% done! Only 90% because I ran out of 12/2 wire and both auger bits were dull (is auger bits the right term?)... of course, I had gone to Ace to get some other stuff and some new ones, but since they weren't on my list -of all of three things- I completely spaced on them.

That's okay, my arms are jiggly-feeling from drilling/pulling wire through the holes, so I was ready to be done anyways.

Thankful for leftover Indian from saturday, so no cooking need happen tonight, just some reheating and some movie-watching.

Thankful that the movie we're watching won't be Annabelle. Started that one last night and turned it off halfway through. Thankful that it was free, so I didn't resent it as much as I would have if I'd payed for it.

Of course, we have all the leftover Indian, but a friend had to go and post about pesto, and I had just been eyeing all the chickweed  going crazy in the garden and thinking how c'weed pesto sounded really yummy and now I want chickweed pesto!

Some progress pics and a random hellebore.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Turtle dilemma

Salli Minelli has been *so* active the last few days, after months of near torpor. Even with regulated temp and lights, she went into shut-down mode. Today it's all about doing laps around her enclosure and hanging out in her pond....making a muddy mess of it. Chowing down on mealworms.

I go back and forth on releasing her, honestly. I'm not a fan of keeping wild animals, but I fear for her survival with just the one eye/deformed face. I know that's just how nature is, but... well, I've grown attached to her! (I know better but I'm human... mostly)

I keep eyeing the 70 gallon aquarium that I plan on turning into a terrarium and thinking "well, she could be happy in there..."

(and yeah, I know this is a completely random post out of nowhere)