Monday, September 2, 2013

Curveballs: Therapy

I went in this morning so I could sit in on his therapy sessions. Normally, I've been doing afternoons/evenings with him, so he's pooped out and it's hard to judge.

I was impressed with the jump I saw yesterday... I was triply impressed with what I saw today... as were his therapists.

Three laps around the entire upstairs with a platform walker, w/only a bit of stabilization from the PT. (and a break or three mixed in) Using the hemiwalker for trips to the bathroom.

The rt leg is definitely improving exponentially, the rt arm not so much. Which is to be expected at this point. Wherever he ends up with that one will most likely be the last to come, but the OT seemed happy. Well, she was definitely happy. They're working on rt upper extremity weight bearing, active range of motion facilitation, rt-side awareness (visual and otherwise, standing balance (fairly good), and transferring.

Speech is still problematic. I have to say that I'm suddenly regretting not going into ST, as it's one of the more interesting/fascinating aspects to me -how the brain works in to regard to language. Never thought I'd be applying it to Charlie... one of the most eloquent people I know... but hey, Shit happens. He's very good with minimal vocal/visualcuing for most things. Some phonetic jumps... like the earlier mentioned "Fuck vs Phone" and the perseveration is obviously still there, though it really does seem to be making its own jumps as well. Good with written word association w/pictures --write down "fork" and show him two pictures and he'll get 9 out of 10... I want to try writing down three words and showing him ONE picture, and work up from there. Also good w/singing... moderate difficulties with "point at the table/door/window/etc" He still (obviously) has difficulties with relating what it is in the physical world, with what it is in his brain, and with what it is verbally. If that makes sense. Like if you show him a pic of a door, he can match it w/the written word... but if you ask him to point to the door it stops him for a bit, and f you ask him to say it, it also causes pause. Sometimes. The files are still there (to use that terminology) it's just finding the right drawer that they're in and getting them in hand (mouth)

Oh yeah! And two trips up and down the "stairwell" (it's all of five stairs)... while I still understand that there's a strong possibility that he will probably not be running up our stairs any time soon (I'm not ruling anything out, however) it does make me feel good at his future ability to navigate our home. We'll still be doing ramps/poured-concrete sidewalks, and building a downstairs bedroom and bathroom, but... yeah.

Good things.

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