Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Painting Prep!

Since we're home for a bit, I've been spending some time in the studio...on a whim, I said yes to doing the Watertown Valentine's Day Art Crawl, so I kind of have to! (this is also where the "oh crap, that's in two weeks" panic sets in)

Watertown is this teeny-tiny town (maybe 2,000 people) about half an hour from us that's surprisingly....ummm..."bohemian," shall we say. Lot's of artsy folks there. Every Vday, they shut down the downtown, fill all the shops with art, and a train of folks from Nashville pulls into town for a day of art and drinking.

Followed by an evening of even more drinking by the locals as they wander (stumble?) from shop to shop, party to party. I've only attended once, two years ago, but the after-party is definitely where it's at. Did I mention they're bohemian and kooky? And here I thought we homos had the market cornered on Fun Backwoods Weirdos! Nope!

Originally, I'd thought to do a series of pieces loosely inspired by those religious icon paintings of old...but they started shifting away from that fairly quickly, until there was very little resemblance to the original idea.

This one below (and possibly the one above) will probably get reworked....not that happy with it. It's also lil' bitty. I drink too much coffee (and beer) to work lil' bitty....which is amusing since I just bought 10 lil' bitty canvases today. uess I should practice up or something.

This one is on wood, and may get some additional 3D work done to it....thinking maybe a ring of old nails around the face or something.

And then I wanted to paint a fish...because, you know, I like fish. Goldfish and koi in particular. They make me happy. Like puppies, but scaly and wet.

Right now I'm working on some wooden abstract pieces which are...interesting. I'm not sure I'll ever "get" abstract art. I mean, I appreciate it visually...quite like it, in fact...but when it comes to doing it myself, it gives me fits. Maybe it's because I'm more drawn to the human figure/face? Maybe that complete blank slate weirds me out? I don't know.

And speaking of which, time to hit the studio again!

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