Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Spring!

Okay, so it's not spring...even though it sure does feel like it, given that it's been in the 50's-60's here. That'll be changing on friday, when we'll dip down into the teens and lower, but for now, I'm not complaining, since it let me get some bulbs in the ground. was (is?) having a "buy one get two free" sale, so I ended up with about 200 bulbs, all of wich were staring at me, saying "put me in the ground, damnit!"

Daylily mix
There were some mixed daylilies.

And a bunch of muscari....some of my favorites.

Daffodil mix
Daffodils for the field in front of the house. There's a bunch of the regular ones there already, so it'll be nice to have some variety.

And some twice-blooming, double-pink Replete daffodils.

And some double asiatic lilies.

Now it needs to be spring. For realz.

In other news, after our NYE onslaught of guests, I managed to get my studio space cleaned up, and **GASP** even painted a bit the other night! Fixing to head in there and finish up a few pieces, and get a few more prepped for the future, since we'll be home until March (yay!) and I'll actually have time to work on stuff before we head to Phoenix.

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