Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Again, Home Again! (and random photos inserted at random. Hence the "random")

Guess what? We're home again! We wrapped up Atlanta on the 20th, hopped in the car, headed for home, got home, rested for 2 days, hopped in the car, headed to Alabama to see Charlie's sister, got up the next day, hopped in the car again (sensing a pattern here?) and headed back home again.

Where we thankfully will remain for the next month. Hopefully.

(Door in Woodstock, Georgia)

A very quiet holiday was had....just Charlie, Ginny (Charlie's mom) and big To Do, no cooking all day, just the three of us and what was in the fridge. That, combined with the fact that we didn't set foot in even one store, well...I could go for this kind of holiday every year! We did all of our shopping online, and even better? We succeeded at a 100% hand-made holiday! It really felt good, to know that not only were the gifts made by someone (not in a factory) but that the $ching$ was going to an individual, not some corporation/big box store. I don't know if we'll manage to do the same every year, with the same amount of success, but I think it's something we'll try for.

(Mockingbird, Alpharetta Georgia)

New Years looks to be fairly busy...we're going to have a VERY full house, with 8 of our friends coming in from Atlanta for the weekend. Looking forward to playing host, but also a wee bit stressed, just because of space. Okay, "stressed" may not be the right word for it...just trying to figure out where we're going to put everyone!

(More random shoes)

Once the crowd clears out we get to start on the real fun...doing the ceiling in the downstairs. Woot. It'll be nice to get started on it....but it'll be even nicer when it's finished, as it means we'll have to move everything from the "tall part" of the living room somewhere else...and then there's the "tall" part of "tall part." The ceiling in there is 18ft on one side, 14ft on the other...which means setting up the scaffolding. Inside. I'm ready to not be living in a construction zone!

(Ooooh, I have to sit really still so he doesn't see me....but I want to take a bite....ohhhh....damnit)

I'm hoping to manage to get some Art Time squeezed in there, somewhere, before we head to Phoenix in a month. I was enjoying getting back into painting before Atlanta, and despite having brought my supplies with me down there, I never picked up my brushes the whole time. I should've brought my watercolors, probably, but oh well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful to see what y'all have been up to!


  1. hey! glad you're back in your comfy home!!


  2. judah face, i missed you :D
    nice shoe....