Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still Here!

I think that should be my new standard title for this blog, given how neglectful I've been of it lately. Can't offer up any excuses other than the standard "we been reallll busy around here."

Projects accomplished so far:

Completion of the bead-board ceiling.
New ceiling!!

Painting the floor...
New Blue Floor!

Of course, a blue floor calls for a few koi...

april 027

It only got a few (three) since most of the floor ends up being covered, anyways...
april 019

The garden is also keeping us quite busy this year. At the end of March, the plants were already at the stage of growth they're not normally at until early May. Nice, but it means that the mowing and weeding and general garden care has advanced as well!
Hostas and Daffodils

We welcomed a new addition to our household... Decimal, the cat that thinks he's a dog. Seriously. He runs around in the rain, plays in puddles, wrestles the dogs... he's crazy.
THE spot.

Speaking of critters, it's that time of year when the fosters start pouring in. Right now we have 5 yellow lab pups that came to stay with us on the day they were supposed to be euthanized. (Rutherford, Ranger, Radcliff, Rose and Rascal)

The poor things were terrified at first (with the exception of Ranger), but as you can see, they quickly got over that.

Well, so that's what I've been up to lately!
I'm going to be making a concerted effort to be more active here, I swear!


  1. i love this post(:

    i love the floor.


  2. I have total homestead envy!!! I missed your posts so I'm super happy you're back!

  3. hey! i'm happy to see you!! and love seeing you on tumblr again too...

    the house looks *good*.

    happy spring, sweet man...