Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The power of mainstream media is frightening. The ability to cover up entire political actions in the hands of corporations. I have yet to see a SINGLE mention of Occupy Wall Street in the news, despite it being eight days in now.

                                Despite the multiple recorded abuses of power and police violence.

 The thing is, as frightening as the power of mainstream media can be...the TRUE power now lies in the hands of each and every one of us. We can no longer be kept silent, and our voices are legion.

It is THEY who should be afraid. The peasants are pissed off and storming the castle, as much as they'd like to pretend otherwise.

For those unfamiliar with what is happening,  a quick visit over here will help...


  1. The phrase, "let them eat cake" comes to mind, and look what happened then.

  2. Holy crap, this is the first I've read about this. I've been saying for years, long before you were born, Judah, that there's going to be another revolution...sooner now than later.

    Like many, I too am fed up. My hubby works for a large corporation and the hypocrisy coming out of there is stifling at times...those friggin' bastards live within the walls of their gated communities in Memphis. They've cheated my honey out of so much $$ and yet, expect him to do more, but isn't that the story everywhere now?

    Anyway, I agree with the your friend's comment about "let them eat cake." Yea, look what happened there and read further into that history, it was a blood bath afterwards.

    Anyway, have a good day, my friend, and a great week...make art!!


  3. First I've heard of it too... I know I'm in the UK but we get Sky news - you would think we'd hear SOMETHING about it! Even on the UK news...

  4. Exactly, Dneese, exactly.

    Georgina and Carmen, a *LOT* of people haven't heard about it...yet. Despite the fact it's now on day 12. The media has pretty much kept it under wraps, but a few news stations have started covering it. Apparently, sister-protests have started up in a few major cities as well, which will make keeping it quiet even more difficult.

  5. I HAVE heard about it after seeing the photos featured on flickr. A quick search did reveal some online news articles- NYTimes/ Guardian but the 'feeling' was this-bunch-of-disorganized-anti-American-students. I did hear Michael Moore is visiting them- maybe when a few more celebrities join the cause there will be more media attention.

    The 'capsicum spray incident' will surely get some attention focused on the rally.

  6. ....this had really better get some attention from all the clueless and apathetic population I observe on a daily basis!!!