Monday, September 26, 2011

Back Again....and Zombies vs Unicorns!

Yup, it's true, I deleted my entire previous blog after numerous years (okay, 3 or 4) solely because Google wouldn't let me change my primary email address. All that content (okay, all that random babbling) the wind.

SNIP. (that's the sound of strings being cut)

C'est La and all that jazz.

Truth is, I was ready for an overhaul, some renewed energy, etc.

And what better way to find new energy than some Zombies vs Unicorns? What's that, you ask? Well, it's a blog-hop hosted by the ever-kooky Amy over here...
(and yes, I know it's officially called Unicorns vs Zombies but since I'm on the Zombie Team, I figure it's okay to switch it up a bit.)

Stop over and check out some of the fun she has going on there. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You may poop yourself. Probably no poop....but you never know.

Speaking of renewed energy (and the fact that I'm back to living in hotels again, after a year off of work) I'm also now on Twitter here...!/judahsleep ...which promises to probably be  really inane. Seriously, I've only been using it to pass time while waiting for slacker co-workers to finish their part of the job. Which means I'm there a lot. Saying a whole lot of nothing. But occasionally something of interest beyond the most base observations may pop up. Like politics. Or art. Or stuff.

Well, there you go, my entrance back into BlogLand.

Oh yeah...Zombie Doll!


  1. I kept calling it zombies vs unicorns too - kept having to change it!

    My post not up yet - was working on a zombie doll eating Barbie's head... she's getting there... thanks for stopping by :)

  2. nkfasdfjklzjnkdsnjfk!!!!!

    today *i* am the crackhead not transvestite (Because i have a vag, and am mostly dressed like a girl), - so not really on account of any crossdressing or crack, but rather because.
    my dog is growling A LOT at the door and basically it's scaring the shit out of me.

    guess what else?
    even though i'm not a fatty fat shit... i've been trying to lose weight for like 4 or 5 hours now because i want to look mad hot in my winter trench - and i now realize,
    half a day into this..
    that it's really Fucking Hard to lose weight that took all summer to load on.

    i though i needed some extra t&a this summer. now i need to shed that shit.

    how long do you figure it will take before i weigh like... 18 pounds less? i'm going for an anorexic look. but without the hunger and wrist cutting.


  3. Hey Judah, would appreciate it if you could check out those paper mache skulls at your local Michaels. I love Amy's blogs too...she's hysterical! I enjoy reading you yung'uns full of fun and laughter and sooo un-PC...guess, I got into it when I was a returning in the art department forgot I was an old fart...first time I was ever called "Dude!"

    Anyway, enjoy your current employment son was out of work for almost a year before he finally got a job at a printing company in some town outside of Houston...guy has 2 undergrad degrees, architectural experience and he's now waiting on customers and doing custom work for this least it's a job! The young woman who works the counter with him when he's not in the back doing his graphic design stuff, is afraid of "people of colour," which included Af. Am., Lantinos, Native Am., well you get the jive of it. Anyway, he's all down with his "Homies," the Hispanic group. My son is the spittin' image of his Tennessean father, but he's got his mama's blood in him too...Viva la Raza!! LOLOLOL Said he likes dealing with the "vatos!" Of course, he has no other problems with other groups except for the Republicans who do bidness with them...scare the hell out of him!!! Yikes, that reminds me, today's his birthday...35...damn, I'm old!!

    Have a great week.


  4. Hey there! Just realized that you have a new blog, thought that I would drop in and say "Hi". Thanks for your comment on my blog too. Hope that all is well with you.