Friday, March 13, 2015

Turtle dilemma

Salli Minelli has been *so* active the last few days, after months of near torpor. Even with regulated temp and lights, she went into shut-down mode. Today it's all about doing laps around her enclosure and hanging out in her pond....making a muddy mess of it. Chowing down on mealworms.

I go back and forth on releasing her, honestly. I'm not a fan of keeping wild animals, but I fear for her survival with just the one eye/deformed face. I know that's just how nature is, but... well, I've grown attached to her! (I know better but I'm human... mostly)

I keep eyeing the 70 gallon aquarium that I plan on turning into a terrarium and thinking "well, she could be happy in there..."

(and yeah, I know this is a completely random post out of nowhere)


  1. hey... : ) i love your random posts out of nowhere. i'd be hard pressed to turn salli loose too...


    1. Well, hopefully they will be less random in the future! No promises, though.

      After chatting with a friend who works with rescue/rehab box turtles, the decision was made to let Salli stay with us for the duration of her on-planet time.