Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still bizzy bizzy bizzy...but getting less so!

Just like the title says, it's still been a bit of a whirlwind here in The Dirty South (AKA "Atlanta"...or "Hotlanta")...right after my parents left, Charlie's mom came down to stay for a bit, since Charlie's sister, LeeAnne (who also works with us) had surgery on her leg...and then our land-mates, Junebug and Dashboard came for a Halloween stay.

But (also like the title says) it's slowed down a bit. This is the first weekend where we had no visitors, had nothing we HAD to do...quite nice! We "celebrated" this yesterday by having a "date day" where we did absolutely nothing besides lay in bed and watch bad TV (OMG, some of it was reallyreallyreally trashy. I suffer from an unfortunate addiction to TruTV.) and cuddle all day. Didn't even really get up until 4pm. Perfect.

The night before, friday, some friends of ours had an aerial-play night at their place, and we went and did...well...aerial stuff!

Charlie stretching his back....
Charlie Stretching His Back

It's true, we're swingers...
Swingers Club

Trapezes are fun...
How We Roll

Despite bringing my canvases and paints with me, I haven't been doing much with them this time. Even though we have a suite here, with a seperate bedroom and all, the layout of the living room is odd, and not really condusive to setting up an art space...but I have been utilizing my camera a bit. That counts as something, right? Specifically, I've been adding to my Found Shoe photos.

I don't know why they fascinate me, but they do.

Marietta, Georgia

I guess I just think it's/they're weird.

Marietta, Georgia

Not as weird as some of the street signs here, though.


  1. whoa! the aerial play night looks like a ton of fun!! also smiling that you and charlie had a date day (and that for charlie's sake the movies were non-scary ; ). xoxo

  2. Found shoes....who knew? And I had to laugh at that laugh photo. Thanks.